We participated in the congress of "International Conference on Raw Materials to Processed Foods" organized by Cukurova University and Adana Science and Technology University, Departments of Food Engineering between 11-13 April 2018 with 21 abstarcts. The followings are the abstracts that our department were represented in:

P. SALUM, P. KENDIRCI, D. BAS, G. GOVCE, M. CAM, H. KELEBEK, Z. ERBAY. Enzyme-modified cheese technology and the production steps of enzyme-modified cheese with ripened white cheese flavor (Sözlü Sunum)

D. TOPI, A. AMANPOUR, H. KELEBEK, S. SELLI. Determination of Aroma Compounds using purge and trap extraction technique in Albanian cvs. Kalinjoti and Bardhi Tirana Olive Oils. (Sözlü Sunum)

H. KELEBEK, P. KADIROGLU, A. S. SONMEZDAG, G. GUCLU, O. KOLA, S. SELLI. Characterization of Bioactive Compounds and Antioxidant Potential of Fermented Beverage: Shalgam. (Sözlü Sunum)

G. GUCLU, A. AMANPOUR, T. OZKARA, H. KELEBEK, O. ZANNOU, S. SELLI. Comparison of Volatile Compounds of Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis L.) with Two Different Extraction Methods. (Sözlü Sunum)

Z. ERBAY, P. SALUM, G. GOVCE, D. BAS, P. KENDIRCI, H. KELEBEK, M. CAM. Effects of the combined use of different commercial proteolytic enzymes in the production of enzymemodified cheese with ripened white cheese flavor. (Sözlü Sunum)

S. KESEN, A. AMANPOUR, S. TSOULI SAHRIR, O. SEVINDIK, H. KELEBEK, S. SELLI. Identification of volatiles compounds of Nigella sativa L. extract using purge and trap extraction system. (Sözlü Sunum)

O. SEVINDIK, A. AMANPOUR,S. TSOULI SAHRIR, S. KESEN, G. GUCLU, K. T. OZKARA, H. KELEBEK, S. SELLI. GC-MS-Olfactometric characterization of key odorants in Moroccan Argan oil. (Sözlü Sunum)

A. AMANPOUR, O. ZANNOU, H. KELEBEK, S. SELLI. Effect of three different infusions in aroma compounds of endemic Iranian plant tea obtained from dried violet–blue petals of Borage (Echium amoenum). (Sözlü Sunum)

P. KADIROGLU, F. KOREL, M. PARDO. Chemometric Analysis of Chemo-Optical Data for the Assessment of Olive Oil Blended with Hazelnut Oil. (Sözlü Sunum)

P. KADIROGLU, L. Y. AYDEMIR, F. G. AKCAKAYA. Multivariate Statistical Prediction of Health Related Properties of Chickpea Cultivars with FT-IR Spectroscopy. (Sözlü Sunum)

L. Y. AYDEMIR, S. AYDEMIR, F. G. AKCAKAYA. Determination of The Best Antioxidant and Techno-Functional Chickpea Cultivars by Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (Topsis) Analysis. (Sözlü Sunum)

L. Y. AYDEMIR, A. YEMENICIOGLU. Characterization of antioxidant potential of lentil protein fractions obtained by DEAE-cellulose cation exchange chromatography, isoelectric precipitation and ultrafiltration. (Sözlü Sunum)

S. DIBLAN, B. GOKKAYA ERDEM, S. KAYA. Permeability of multilayer polymer active packaging films incorporated potassium sorbate. (Sözlü Sunum)

B. UÇAR, A. ALSAIQALI, G. N. YAZICI, M. S. ÖZER. Textural Quality of Gluten-Free Breads formulated with Some Pseudo-Cereals. (Sözlü Sunum)

P. KADIROGLU, F. KOREL, Ç. CEYLAN. Antibiotic resistance profiles of S. aureus white cheese isolates. (Poster Sunum)

E. ATLI, İ. SOLMAZ, N. SARI, H. KELEBEK. Investigation of Agronomic and Fruit Quality Characteristics of Some Watermelon Genetic Resources. (Poster Sunum)

A. B. HİMMETAĞAOĞLU, S. BERKTAŞ, M. ÇAM, Z. ERBAY. Effects of the spray drying conditions on the free fatty acid composition of the microencapsulated cream powder. (Poster Sunum)

B. AĞIRMAN, C. P. BOYACI GÜNDÜZ, H. ERTEN. An Assesment of the Physico-Chemical and Microbiologic Quality of Şalgam Samples from Adana Market. (Poster Sunum)

H. KELEBEK, Ö. GÜRLER, A. S. SÖNMEZDAĞ, G. GÜÇLÜ, S. SELLİ. Identification and Quantification of Phenolic Compounds of Quinoa by HPLC DAD- ESI -MSn and Screening for Their Antioxidant Activity. (Poster Sunum)

H. KELEBEK, D. TANRISEVEN, S. DIBLAN, G. GÜÇLÜ, S. SELLİ. Changes in polyphenols and antioxidant activity in shalgam at different heat pasteurization conditions. (Poster Sunum)

H. KELEBEK, A. DAVARCI, S. DIBLAN, G. GÜÇLÜ, O. SEVİNDİK, S. SELLİ. Comparison of Phenolic Compounds and Other Important Quality Parameters of Clarified and Unclarified Pomegranate Juices. (Poster Sunum)