Educational Objectives of the Program

1. To train qualified engineers who can work in the fields of food production, inspection, design, planning, quality assurance, research and development, and marketing in national and international enterprises or can establish their own businesses in these fields as entrepreneurs.

2. To train graduates who can adapt to the graduate education and scientific research activities, who can serve as academic members or staff at universities, who have the required knowledge in experimental methods and the analytical thinking skills for the academic field, who can access to up-dated information, and who can use modern technical tools.

3. To train creative engineers who are familiar with social aspects, developed in communication skills, accustomed to team work, and who can produce solutions and stand out on their teams.

4. To graduate the engineers who are aware of the necessity of life-long learning, who follow scientific and technological developments, who are sensitive and responsible for the professional or social issues in the framework of ethical principles with the knowledge they receive during their education, and who are productive and active contributors for the issues about the profession.