ERASMUS Placement Mobility
This mobility is for a registered student in a higher education institution to do an internship in a foreign plant. "Internship" is the period during which a beneficiary gained practical training and/or work experience within a business or organization in another country participating in the program. Internship activity can not be used to carry out studies such as research assignments, analysis studies on academic studies within the scope of a specific curriculum. Internship activity is to obtain practical work experience in the field of practical training for a student.
The duration of the activity is between 2 and 12 months, valid for each learning stage individually. Internship activity can be carried out in each grade within the learning period and in the last 12 months of graduation from the students in the last grade of the study programs. In the internship activity to be performed after graduation, the student application must be made before the student graduates (if he is a pre-license, undergraduate or graduate student). Graduated students can not apply.
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