Faculty Member

Research Fields

Prof. Dr. Osman KOLA

Fruit Juice Technology

Fats And Oil Technology

Stevia And Sweeteners

Fruit And Vegetable Processing Technology

Margarines And Shortenings

Special Food Technology

Prof. Dr. Haşim KELEBEK

Food Chemistry

Food Biotechnology

Phenolic, Aroma and Antioxidant Compounds and Analysis

Instrumental Methods of Analysis

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aysun ŞENER

Enzyme Technology

Enzyme Kinetics

Microbial Kinetics

Food Biotechnology

Fermentation Technology

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Emrah ÇETİN

Calcium Phosphate Ceramics

Spectrophotometric Calcium and Phosphate Analysis

Calcium Phosphate Based Bone Cements

Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Lactic Acid Bacteria

Drying of Fruits and Vegetables

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zafer ERBAY

Exergy and Exergoeconomics Analysis

Drying Technology

Dairy Technology

Powder Technology

Modeling and Optimization in Food Processing

Heat Pump Applications in Food Processing

Emulsification Applications

Assist. Prof. Dr. Pınar KADİROĞLU

Food Microbiology

Molecular Microbiology

Multivariate Statistical Analyzes

Electronic Nose Technology

Food Analysis with Infrared Spectroscopy

Quality Analysis of Foods

Food Safety

Assist. Prof. Dr. Levent Yurdaer AYDEMİR

Protein Extraction and Characterization

Functional Properties of Proteins

Determination of the Activity of Bioactive Substances by in vitro System

Proteins Modification


Edible Films

Textural Properties of Food

Assist. Prof. Dr. Murat Reis AKKAYA

Cereal Technology

Vegetable Oils and Technology