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15.08.2017- 15.08.2017
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12:08- 12:08
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TUBITAK 3001 Project has been accepted

The project numbered 117O752 proposed by our faculty member Asst. Prof. Levent Yurdaer AYDEMİR was found to be supported by TÜBİTAK (the Scientfic and Technological Research Council of Turkey) 3001 - Starting R&D Projects Funding Program. In the project, the production of fortified Turkish noodle (erişte) with highly nutritious, having acceptable quality of consumption and bioactive properties was aimed by using water soluble legume hydrocolloid extracts which have high phenolic and soluble protein content.


Project title: Production of functional eriste fortified with water soluble pulse hydrocolloids

Project duration: 18 months

Project budget: 59959 TL