Food Engineers who will receive their bachelor degrees from food engineering undergraduate program possess the following skills, knowledge, and abilities:

  • Using physical sciences and engineering methods to identify, formulate and solve the food engineering problems,

  • The ability to design and perform experiments, to analyse and interpret the results and for these purposes enable to use essential modern engineering tools,

  • The ability to collect, interpret and report data, to read technical drawings report and model,

  • Using modern engineering methods such as computer software in engineering design and analysis, and learning modern methods to reach the information,

  • The ability to communicate in verbal and written forms,

  • The ability to participate effectively in interdisciplinary teamwork projects and to demonstrate leadership skills,

  • Having knowledge about the effects of food engineering at global and national extent,

  • Having knowledge about current and modern issues of food engineering and consciousness of the need for lifelong learning and ability to perform this,

  • Looking out for the benefits of society with professional responsibilities and ethical  approach.